“Horror Films of the 70’s” af John Kenneth Muir

70’erne bød blandt andet på Brian De Palmas “Carrie” (1976), John Carpenters “Halloween” (1978), Steven Spielbergs “Jaws” (1975),  William Friedkins “The Exorcist” (1973), Richard Donners “The Omen” (1976) og Tobe Hoopers “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” (1974).

Det er alle horror-film, der har klaret fire årtier og som nu befinder sig i toppen af horror-pyramiden. Det er klassikere, det er reference-film, der gør krav på at blive set, hvis man er filmfan. Hvis man er horrorfan! I John Kenneth Muirs murstensværk – 672 sider – kan man også læse om dem.

Forlaget skriver om udgivelsen:

The seventies were a decade of groundbreaking horror films: “The Exorcist”, “Carrie”, and “Halloween” were three. This detailed filmography covers these and 225 more.

Section One provides an introduction and a brief history of the decade. Beginning with 1970 and proceeding chronologically by year of its release in the United States.

Section Two offers an entry for each film. Each entry includes several categories of information: Critical Reception (sampling both ’70s and later reviews), Cast and Credits, P.O.V., (quoting a person pertinent to that film’s production), Synopsis (summarizing the film’s story), Commentary (analyzing the film from Muir’s perspective), Legacy (noting the rank of especially worthy ’70s films in the horror pantheon of decades following).

Section Three contains a conclusion and these five appendices: horror film cliches of the 1970s, frequently appearing performers, memorable movie ads, recommended films that illustrate how 1970s horror films continue to impact the industry, and the 15 best genre films of the decade as chosen by Muir.

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