BOGNYT: “The Photography of Game of Thrones”

Den seneste “Game of Thrones”-bog fra Insight Edition er Michael Kogges og Helen Sloans “The Photography of Game of Thrones”, der tager os med bag optagelserne på én af tv-historiens største produktioner. Bogen, der er på 416 sider i hardback, måler 26×34 centimeter.

“The Photography of Game of Thrones” kan købes hos SAXO: KLIK!

Om bogen skriver forlaget følgende:

This deluxe compendium features sumptuous photography from the making of HBO’s unparalleled hit show Game of Thrones. Offering a rare peek behind the scenes of one of the most popular and revered television shows of all time, The Photography of Game of Thrones gives fans an exclusive look at some of their favorite characters and moments from the show in gorgeous detail.

The official principal Game of Thrones unit photographer, Helen Sloan, has compiled the most iconic shots from the acclaimed show. The best of her collection, along with the work of the unit photography team, is featured here.

Bold and gorgeously crafted, The Photography of Game of Thrones captures in striking detail the scope and nuance of the show, celebrating a world of iconic characters, shocking moments, breathtaking locations, and much more.