BOGNYT: “The Secrets of Tenet”

Hvis du er blevet bjegtaget af Christopher Nolans “Tenet”, så har Titan Books netop udgivet “The Secrets of Tenet: Inside Christopher Nolan’s Quantum Cold War, der tager én med bagom filmen. Der er tale om en hardback-udgivelse på 144 sider, der måler 25 x 27 cm.

Bogen kan købes hos SAXO: KLIK

Om bogen skriver forlaget følgende:

The Secrets of Tenet takes readers on an exclusive journey into Nolan’s time-bending masterpiece, offering rare insights into all aspects of its creation.

Learn from Christopher Nolan himself, as he and a range of other key collaborators—including producer Emma Thomas and production designer Nathan Crowley—give you an essential masterclass that lays bare the director’s process and his singular creative vision.

Discover exclusive art and never-before-seen photos. Illustrated with candid behind-the-scenes imagery and compelling conceptual art, this is the ultimate exploration of a film guaranteed to linger in the imagination long into the future…and perhaps the past.

John David Washington and Kenneth Branagh share their personal perspectives on working with Christopher Nolan in the book’s foreword and backword.

A prestige volume for your home library. This large format, deluxe book is the perfect addition to your bookshelf or coffee table—a must-have memento for Christopher Nolan fans.