“It Lives Again!: Horror Movies in the New Millennium” af Axelle Carolyn

Hvis man er interesseret i horror, så virker Axelle Carolyns bog “It Lives Again! قوانين البوكر : Horror Movies in the New Millennium” som en bog, det er værd at stifte bekendtskab med. Man kan hos forlaget – Telos – se sample pages af bogen.

Forlaget skriver om udgivelsen:

A comprehensive analysis and overview of the state of horror cinema at the start of the 21st Century.

Axelle Carolyn discusses and dissects films from the Asian remake trend of The Ring and The Grudge to the so-called torture porn of the Saw and Hostel series, taking in independents and foreign productions as well as the blockbusters.

Fully illustrated in full colour, It Lives Again! is your definitive guide to modern cinematic horror.

Foreword by Neil Marshall and Introduction by Mick Garris.

Forlag :: Telos Publishing Ltd. :: Sideantal :: 250 sider :: Køb hos :: The Book Depository

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