Roger Cormans “Forbidden World” & “Galaxy of Terror” på Blu-ray

Der er to Roger Corman-produktioner på vej til Blu-ray. Det drejer sig om Bruce D. Clarks “Galaxy of Terror” (1981) med blandt andet Robert Englund på rollelisten og Allan Holzmans “Forbidden World” (1982). De to kultklassikere er 80’er-kitsch af bedste skuffe, så de må naturligvis stå på ønskelisten, hvis man har en forkærlighed for Cormans farverige universer. skriver følgende om udgivelsen:

Shout! Factory has officially announced two “science-fiction shockers” on July 20 as part of its Roger Corman’s Cult Classics collection: Forbidden World (in a 2-disc BD/DVD edition) and Galaxy of Terror. Forbidden World will include the R-rated theatrical cut in a high-definition transfer from the interpositive film elements, and the never-before-seen, unrated director’s cut (in standard definition, full-frame video).

Udgivelserne kommer til at indeholde følgende ekstramateriale:

Forbidden World

  • Interview with producer Roger Corman
  • Interviews with cast and crew including director Allan Holzman, composer Susan Justin and actor Jesse Vint
  • A look at the special effects of Forbidden World with John Carl Buechler, Robert Skotak, Tony Randal and R. Christopher Biggs
  • Poster and still Gallery
  • Original theatrical trailer
  • Additional New World trailers
  • Audio commentary with director Allan Holzman on the director’s cut

Galaxy of Terror

  • Commentary with Cast and Crew
  • New Worlds: producer Roger Corman, screenwriter Marc Siegler and director Bruce D. Clark discuss the origins of the film
  • The Crew Of The Quest: Actors Robert Englund, Sid Haig, Taaffe O’Connell and Grace Zabriskie discuss their experiences as crew members of the U.S.S. Quest
  • Planet of Horrors: A detailed look into the creation of the film’s memorable sets and alien landscapes
  • Future King: Memories of co-production designer (and future visionary filmmaker) James Cameron from members of the cast and crew
  • Old School: A journey into the complicated mechanical and makeup effects with artists Allan A. Apone, Douglas J. White, Alec Gillis and others
  • Launch Sequence: Co-editor R.J. Kizer walks us through postproduction and a profile on composer Barry Schrader
  • Theatrical trailers
  • Extensive photo galleries including posters, production sketches and designs
  • Theatrical trailer with commentary from writer/director Joel Olsen, courtesy of
  • Original screenplay


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